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1. Point of contract and service execution process

1.1. This contract regulate the relationship between Users and Webaid and its services.

1.2. Webaid service is dedicated to all those subjects who needs a fast and continuous assistance on Wordpress platform. In order to accomplish this, Webaid offer professional consulance by the connection between the user and Webaid staff.

1.3 To access services the user must subscribe an assistance plan and pay for it using Paypal system. After an account has been created it will be possible to ask for assistance.

1.4 All the payments will be managed from Paypal personal profile. Paypal will send to Webaid the required amount, according to the timing chosen in the assistance plan. In case of manual renewal, user will have to make the payments monthly.

1.5 Subscription can be cancelled anytime without notification. To do that just switch off the automatic payment in your personal page or in case of manual renewal, do not purchase the next payment.

1.6 User will receive invoices of every transaction purchased by email.

1.7 The kind of assistance can change in relation with the chosen assistance plan

1.8 For the assistance to be done, user have to link his websites to Webaid. Then all the useful information have to be shared with the staff using the personal area. Consequentely the user agree that Webaid staff will access the sensitive datas stored in the user database

2. User restrictions

2.1 Is forbidden to ask for assistance for websites running criminal or illegal business or material. Webaid administration will be entitled to cancel those kind of accounts and inform the authority

3. Useful advices for the users

3.1 Webaid suggest to keep assitance dedicated accounts. Those accounts will be used only during the assistance process to improve connections safety.

3.2 The Right of withdrawal is under Paypal regulamentation regarding to automatic payments. For manual payments will be enough to not purchasing the renewal

4. Court in charge

Regulamentation Law is referred to Italian Republic Legal Code . For any controversial the court in charge will be the Court of Rome.