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Wordpress Safe

€ 89,00 + VAT

Duration: 20 Few days

Improve the security of your website in WordPress so you can ward off Hacker attacks.
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WordPress recovery

€ 119,00 + VAT

Duration: 20 Few days

If your website has been compromised, you have display problems or you have suffered a hacker attack, we will solve the problem by restoring it and making it safe.
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WordPress Fast

€ 139,00 + VAT

Duration: 20 Few days

If your website is slow, this is the right product for you. We will speed it up by optimizing code, images and implementing a cache system.
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N.B. The subscription must be renovate manually by the user at the end of the indicated time or due to the depletion of the provided action, when fullfilled before the expiring date of the assistant plan.


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