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Paypal payments.

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Webaid accept automatic subscription payments by Paypal.

Paypal permit to privates and agency to send and receive electronic money online . It also provide other financila and related services. These services are called with the commonn name "Service". The user can get this Service for single payments or register for Paypal account in order to pay easily, send and receive payments, have additional functions and better transaction informations.

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (R.C.S. Lussemburgo B 118 349) is a Credit Institue based in Luxembourg with a regualar license in accordance with the Article 2 of April 5th 1993 Financial Law and futher modifications (called nowon "the LAw"). It is under the control of the Surveillance Agency of Luxembourg, la Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, legal head office in L-2449 Lussemburgo.

Report violations

According to Paypal Regulamentation, all the necessary actions will be done in order to cancel Paypal service or prevent their use if any violation occur. If the owner of intellectual property believe that a specific website or website page using Paypal is selling, offering or making available his own intellectual property infringing material, he is encouraged to fill completly this Violations advice form and send it by fax to the number +44 (0) 8707301878 or to email adress

User privacy safety really matter for Paypal. To better understand Paypal efforts to respect user privacy and right use and distribution of personal data, please checkInformativa sulla privacy.

All the Paypal website URLs nd all the product logos and services content in those websites are under Paypal copyright. They are Paypal and Paypal commitments trademarks. Also all the page titles, customized images, button icons and scrips are under Paypal copyright, they are considered as commercial and service Paypal marks. Those elements can not be pasted, copied, changed, modified, swithed or used without written Paypal authorization. As a seller the user can use HTML logos provided by Paypal on Selling devices, Online auction deivces and Paypal franchising programs without a written authorization only in order to indicate that Paypal service are available on his website. Paypal can limit or cancel authorization any time without notification. The user can not modify or change HTML logos, or use them to insult Paypal and its service, or show them in order to suggest Paypal approval or partership.

Subscriptions can be esaily cancelled any moment from account manager page. When assistance subscription is cancelled only Webaid service will be immediately suspended while the user account remains available.

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