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Privacy policy

All the details provided by users during the subscription to Webaid service will be recorded in the website own database. Webaid will own this datas for any further use .

All the users personal details will be used by Webaid staff in accordance with Privacy terms and conditions based on Legislative Decree 196/03.

All the required personal datas belongs to two different kind: mandatory or optional, as can be esality check from Webaid subscription process and service activation. All the mandatory informations and their use are strictly functional for the correct processing of the services. The possible denail by the users to provide the required informations or to consent their use will unable the user to benefit from the Webaid services. All the optional information will be used to help Webaid to improve services and fix problems, user is free to not give them.

This statement is related to all the personal datails users supplies at the moment of registration and the subscription of the assistance plans. The Webaid will collect information during the website navigation too.

Webaid will process users personal datas in all the ways specified above automatically and informatically - collection, registration, organization, preservazion, processing, modification, selection, comparisation, connection and any other action useful for the assistance, even the sharing with third parts when needed - . Those informations could be stored in data bank or file archives.

Personal data processing goals are the one list below:

  • Provide expected services;
  • Quality test of the service;
  • Provide all the fiscal and accounting requirements;
  • Fulfill market survey and statistics;
  • Be able to spot the author of illegal practice if asked by authorities.

The treatment of the datas for the pourpose list above will be done automatically by automatic programs. All the operations are specified in the Article 34 comma 1, del D.Lgs 196/03. User can access to all his datas anytime and claim his rights.

Webaid inform that the user have the right to be aware of the presence or not of personal datas, even if not recorded yet, and to have them notified clearly.

The user will always have direct online his datas anytime, same as in Webaid possessions, by acceding with his personal Username and Password. The user will have the chance to integrate, chage or delete datas, anytime and without mediation, personally and under his own responsability. By the same process the user will be able to manage transmission. timig and content of any information provide by Webaid

All the data possessed by Webaid can be shared with all the emplyers, member of the staff and consuelor of any kind, and with every part of the agency. These information can be shared with subordinate agencies, partner agencies or in relationship with Webaid (providers, producers etc etc). Tohese agencies will run studies about customer preferences according to the use list above.