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Vincenzo Migliano


Graphic e Web Designer

After attending a BA and a Master at IED in Visual Arts and Web Design, I started to work as a professional and consultant for different agency. When I was 26 I started teaching “Programming bases” for the Web Design Master in IED, thanks to a strong passion for my job and an incessant will to learn more about it. In my career I worked for big agency and institution as Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Politics and Council of Ministers, Algida, University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Webaid was born on my idea of build up a professional team to take care of what, in my opinion, is the best way to get notice, reliability and sell: a personal website.
Increase your website performances, save time and better yourself on the web, contact us! Me and my staff will take care of your website fast and with really low price. Choose to get a very safe and dynamic service: the best for your business.Go for Webaid!

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