Frequently asked question.

What is Webaid?

Webaid is a professional online platform for Wordpress assistance. After the login you will have the chance to link your websites easily and then a professional staff with decennal experience will take care of them. Ask what you need based on your assistance plan: graphic changes, upgrades, safety, backup. All included in your monthly fee. Every request can be commented without limits, and PDF or image can be uploaded too in order to better describe required changes or problems.

Is it free?

No, is a pay service. There is a free trial for the users to check the website functions and services.

Why use Webaid?

Webaid is an unique service in Italy, and it is fast and useful. You will have the chance to have a professional staff looking after your websute while you save time to spend in better ways.

Payments are safe?

Webaid puts user safety first, that is the reason why we use Paypal. All the payments are managed by that system. Webaid will not save any of the accounts details in its database.

What if I don't have a Paypal account?

Senza un account PayPal è possibile acquistare i servizi tramite carte di credito e/o carte ricaricabili. Aprire un account paypal è rapido e veloce. Scopri come aprirne uno clicca qui

Can I use Webaid everywhere?

Webaid service can run on every device, thanks to his semplicity you will get the best performance even whit low connections. Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop: a version for any of your need.

What Webaid can do for me?

Webaid is dedicated to all of those who use Wordpress and always have hard-to-solve problems coming up.

What can I ask to Webaid? (Services included in the monthly fees)

Here a list of Webaid services

  • Graphic changes of template
  • Install, config and update new plugins
  • Wordpress consulance
  • Make your website SEO friendly
  • Update website theme
  • Bug fixing
  • Risoluzioni di problemi di allineamento
  • Improve website performance
  • System backup
  • Malware cleaning
  • Spam cleaning
  • Improve website security
  • Improve website responsive
  • Favicon installation
  • Images optimization
  • Css optimization
  • Professional texts creation
  • Worpress migration on different hosting

What can I ask to Webaid? (All the request that will need a estimation are not included in the monthly fees)

Here a list of some of the task Webaid can manage for you

  • Make a new website
  • Design a graphic template
  • Upload item on Woocomerce
  • Telephonic assistance
  • Solve all the conflicts between Woocomerce and the theme used
  • Hosting configuration

What can I ask to Webaid?

  • Add new installed plugin functions
  • Server config
  • Email config
  • Continue SEO consulance
  • Increase website traffic