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Cookie use

This website ( uses Cookie in order to make the performance easy and functional for the users. Website user will see tiny amount of info on devices in use, both PC or mobile, showed in small text files named “cookies”. These cookies will be saved in the directory by the users browser. There are different kind of cookies, some used to better website performance, other to enable specific function

In a more specific way, our cookies allows to:

  • save preferences;
  • prevent the insertion of the same info more times during the activities (info like users name and password);
  • analyse the perform of webaid services and contents, in order to improve user experience and functions.

Cookie types

Technical cookies

This kind of Cookies allows some parts of the website to work correctly. There are two kinds of cookies: persistent and of session:

  • persistent: once the browser is shut down they are not erased but last till a given date
  • of session: they are erased when the browser is shut down

These cookies, sent by oru domain, are needed for the correct website visualization and in relation to the technical services offered , they will be alway used and sent, unless the browser settings will be change by the user (invalidating the website visualization).

Analitics cookies

These kind of cookies are needed in order to collect the website use information. will use these anonimous statistical datas in order to improve the website usability and make the website content more interesting and pertinent for the user. This kind of cookies collect anonimus data about how users get to the website and their ativities. Analitics cookies are sent by the websites itself or third part domains.

Third part analitic cookies

These cookies are used to collect anonimous information about website use by users. These information are: visited pages, visit duration, inbound traffic source, geographic origin, age, gender and interests for advertsing pourpose. These cookies are sent to third parts not related with the website.

Cookies used to complete products and third part softwareprograms

These kind of cookies complete functions developed by third part inside website as icons and social network preferences, in order to share the websites content or for third parts use (such as maps generator software or service software ). These cookies belongs to third parts domain or partner website that offer their services in the websites.

Profile setting cookies

These cookies are used to set up users profile in order to create advertsing messages based on the preferences defined by the users in the website., due to the current regulation, is not compelled to ask for user approval regarding technical and analtical cookies, because they are required to provide the service.

For all the other kind of cookies, user can approve following one or more of the options list above :

  • Changing specific settings of the browser or of the informatic programs used to browse the website.
  • Changing the working settings of the third parts service/li>

Both solution can effect some website functions or user experience.

Third part websites and functions

The website could include links to third part websites with different Privacy terms and conditions. Webaid is not account for those websites.

How to enable cookies by browser configuration

If you want to learn more about how your browser collect cookies during navigation, please click on the service website link above.

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